Research and Investigations

It doesn’t matter if you’re preparing for new international business relations or you need proof of criminal activities: Our experts develop innovative strategies to obtain results quickly.

We can also check existing business contacts and deliver insights and information about the participants.

We investigate damages resulting from criminal activities, for example theft, fraud, embezzlement, breach of trust, and competition offenses. We go through the whole process from the strategic planning to the operative implementation with tangible goals.

We look for practical solutions which lead to short-term success for the clarification of complex economic crimes as well as for the exposure of unsettled financial circumstances..

The concepts we develop are implemented by teams of specialists aided with the most modern technology.

We are a member of the “BID –Bund internationaler Detiektive” (Confederation of international investigators) and as a result of this and other networks we have excellent domestic and foreign contacts.

Weak point: People!

The largest company weakness is still human, despite all the technological advances.

Human weaknesses such as:

  • alcohol or drug addiction
  • socially unacceptable behavior
  • family and financial problems
  • greed and gambling debts

are repeatedly used by the competition or foreign services to extort and blackmail employees.

Especially aggressive competitors use these weaknesses to head hunt knowledge and information carriers and to gain an advantage in competition.


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the business of investigation

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The Federation of International Investigators
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Professional associations for
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